About us

Professional Simulators and Attractions.

The most advanced simulators for motorsport.

Active-game is a leading professional manufacturer in Ukraine simulations and interactive attractions. Our simulators are based on 2 -DOF and 6 -DOF ( degrees of freedom) Electromechanical Systems movements , no oil pump or compressor hence the durability of our dynamic platforms. Simulations Active-game fascinate its realism , precision and are the real characteristics of the car speakers.
All our simulators are equipped with one or three LCD 3D TV. We also offer virtual reality helmets 3D, 3d Projectors radial screen.

All our installations are supported with a full package of services, remote maintenance and care.

Active game company also develops simulators for individual customers (type, configuration and complexity).


Our team will be glad to help you anytime with general or technical questions, suggestions or comments.